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04-24-2005, 06:29 AM
DALLAS, TX — The Planet, the world’s fastest growing Web hosting company, announced today that the recent deployment of the TippingPoint 2400 Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is helping the hosting giant block hundreds of thousands of attacks per hour at its datacenters. The new IPS has also helped the company block up to one million attacks per hour during Internet worm and botnet storms.

The system combines ultra-high performance with accurate, reliable protection from next generation worms, rogue applications, and attackers to deliver the most powerful network protection available to The Planet’s 10,000 customers, hosting 1 million Web sites on 23,000 servers.

“Our datacenters share a total of 32 Gbps of backbone capacity, and the only network IPS technology capable of efficiently protecting our network came from TippingPoint,” said John Bradberry, Vice President of Information Security at The Planet. “Only TippingPoint could scale to keep up with our fantastic growth.”

According to Mr. Bradberry, the combination of ISP-class performance and comprehensive protection from deep-packet inspection is amazing. The system provides up-to-date protection for more than 1,000 exploits and vulnerabilities, including the three most common Internet attacks observed at The Planet - the persistent MS-SQL Slammer-Sapphire worm, the family of phpBB exploits, and attacks against Microsoft RPC services.

But the real proof of the TippingPoint 2400’s power is in the performance. The system at The Planet’s D2 Data center digests more than 1.5 million packets per second (pps), while the system at the D4 Data center digests more than 2.5 million pps.

“This system is essential to our competitive position,” concluded Mr. Bradberry. “During our continued expansion, including the opening of our newest datacenter at the Infomart, we’re giving customers the most effective network protection available without sacrificing network performance. TippingPoint is saving our customers money by protecting their networks and online assets from malicious attacks and unwanted traffic.”

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